Creative Slump

Last post was back in January. I told my wife that my Muse decided to take vacations after we came back from the Cruise in December. Yep, definitely on a “Creative Slump”.

Need to get my inspiration and motivation back… Hopefully the Melbourne Airshow this coming Saturday ignites the spark and makes it run for long this time!

Puerto Rico, Nene!

Cuba and Puerto Rico are two wings of the same bird. The Poem, written by Lola Rodríguez de Tío, reflects how close and similar are these two Caribbean Islands. I’ve been hearing that reference since I was a child so I always felt close to this country which flag is even the same as ours, just with its colors inverted.

That’s the same reason why visiting it has always been high on my “To Do” list and when I found out that our Cruise in December last year would include a stop in Puerto Rico, I was very excited to finally be there.

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Last December my wife, daughter and I took our second Cruise ever. We did our first back in 2015 and, since we love Disney, we decided that it had to be a Disney Cruise. The experience aboard the Disney Wonder was incredible and that sealed the decision of taking only Disney Cruises. This year we had the chance to travel aboard the Disney Magic and, as its name says, it was precisely that, Magic.

All about Disney is Magic. The extreme attention to details, the efficiency, professionalism and impeccable service, together with the fond memories we have since we were children from its movies and characters, make any Disney experience a special and memorable one.

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Pano in a hurry

What do you do if you’re shooting airplanes and all of a sudden you have a beautiful one, in front of you, only a few seconds from taking off and you can’t fit it whole in one shot? Easy, you shoot a Pano!

That happened to me yesterday while shooting on Runway 9 at the Miami International Airport (MIA).

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Took the family yesterday on a little excursion all the way down to the Fair Grounds in Miami for the Lantern Light Festival. I was worried about it getting cancelled since it has been raining all the weekend here but, luckily for us, the weather cooperated, the rain stopped and a cool breeze made the night even nicer.

This Festival honors a millenary Chinese tradition of celebration life with beautiful lanterns, manually manufactured by skilled artisans.

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Around the Rickenbacker

I woke up today at 5:00 AM to go and take some pictures at the Rickenbacker Causeway. That view of Miami from there is my absolute favorite. It always reminds me of when I arrived for the first time to the United States and saw this city for the first time thru my window. Incredible first impression.

Why to wake up so early? Simple: The light.

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