What do you do if you’re shooting airplanes and all of a sudden you have a beautiful one, in front of you, only a few seconds from taking off and you can’t fit it whole in one shot? Easy, you shoot a Pano!

That happened to me yesterday while shooting on Runway 9 at the Miami International Airport (MIA).

It was a good day shooting, good clouds although at times the Sun was completely covered and the light was low but all in all a good day. You can see more shots below.

I knew this beautiful 747 from China Airlines Cargo would be in MIA yesterday afternoon. Well, by the time I got there, she had arrived already. I missed her by just a few minutes… “Well, it is what it is. Not the first time and certainly not the last time it’ll happen“, I said to myself.

While shooting I noticed the Queen starting to move and positioning for taxing and I got ready to take her picture this time.

I shoot with a Canon 100-400 mm MkII. It’s a beautiful and awesome lens. My favorite for Airshows, Aviation and Action in general! The only thing is that, being so close to the runway, even at 100 mm I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit the whole 747 on my shot. Then it occurred to me that I could shoot a Panorama!

On an Airport as busy as MIA, where an airplane lands every minute, everything happens fast. No time for delays so I knew I’d have only a few seconds to take the shots.

I waited for the Queen to be in position and I quickly took 5 shots, making sure I covered her from nose to tail, leaving some leading space in the front and trying to maintain my camera as leveled as possible while acting fast. By the time I shot the tail it started moving! And just like that, in seconds, she was gone.

I was not completely sure about the shots… Were they good enough to align and make a Panorama in Photoshop? Was any of them blurred? If I had messed a single one of them, there goes the Panorama!

It was not until I opened the images in Lightroom and checked them out that I felt relieved. “Yes! We’re good!

It’s so good when things work out the way you planned them in your mind! Now this beautiful Chinese Queen adorns my 34 inches ultra-wide screen… Happy camper here!