Last December my wife, daughter and I took our second Cruise ever. We did our first back in 2015 and, since we love Disney, we decided that it had to be a Disney Cruise. The experience aboard the Disney Wonder was incredible and that sealed the decision of taking only Disney Cruises. This year we had the chance to travel aboard the Disney Magic and, as its name says, it was precisely that, Magic.

All about Disney is Magic. The extreme attention to details, the efficiency, professionalism and impeccable service, together with the fond memories we have since we were children from its movies and characters, make any Disney experience a special and memorable one.

Disney Cruise Line counts with four ships on its fleet and they are just beautiful. From the painting outside to the decoration and atmosphere inside. I honestly think they’re among the top in the World and the Disney Magic is proof of that.

From the moment you step into the ship and are welcomed by the crew in the main atrium, you just feel you’re in a unique place.

Although not as many as I had planned (it always happens), I took several pictures around the ship during our seven days trip but I feel like they really don’t make it justice. In any case, I share some of them here.

To the left, the beautiful atrium, perfect scenario for all the “grand occasions” to be celebrated aboard, from the “Photo with the Captain” to meeting and taking photos with all Disney Characters. On the right, Mickey, dressed as a sailor, welcomes you at the entrance of Lumiere’s, the main restaurant (there are four of them) on the ship.

Our Cruise happened during Christmas week and we got to spend Christmas Day aboard. Perfect way of celebrating it! The decorations all around the ship were just beautiful, from the three-floors Christmas Tree on the atrium to the Gingerbread House right next to it.

On the right, the hallway between the main two stores on the ship, “Mickey’s Mainsail” and “White Caps”, where you can buy all kinds of Disney merchandise, from exclusive Pandora charms to collectible pins, clothing and toys.

Looking up to the detail on the ceiling in front of the two stores.

The Lobby and Entrance to the beautiful “Walt Disney Theatre”, the main location for all the live shows you can see aboard. There’s one more theather, the “Buena Vista Theater” where Disney movies are shown until very late in the night. Nothing better than going on your pajamas to watch “Moana” or “Dr. Strange” at 11:00 PM while having some Popcorn!

It’s funny how, whenever Disney ships make it to Port, all people try to take pictures of them, even when other ships stand right next to them. Their painting schemes make them definitely unique and picture-perfect! Here the Disney Magic rests next to Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas during our stop at Tortola, British Virgin islands.

Walking back to the ship after having a fun day at Disney’s private island “Castaway Cay”, in the Bahamas, is the best way to capture this beautiful view of the Disney Magic.

I just can’t wait to go Disney-sailing again!