If you ask me how many times we’ve been to Disney this year I’d have to say: “Maybe too many and, at the same time, not enough.

The thing is that we (my daughter, wife and I) just love it there. Disney is one of the very few places were I can really disconnect and relax. It’s really Magic. It works perfect for me. Every single time.

And that’s one of the reasons why we have the Annual Pass, because we know that we’ll keep going over and over again, every time we get a chance, like last weekend.

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Habemus Logo

What’s a Logo? Well, according to the formal definition, it is a symbol or another design adopted by an organization to identify its product. Also, according to the design precepts, it should be distinctive, sophisticated, conceptual, relevant, versatile, cohesive, attractive, legible, memorable and enduring. That’s a lot to expect for something that, also, should be “simple”.

Well, I think the new Logo for my Aviation Photography Website, cubaneight.net, clicks most of those boxes and, more important, I love it!


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Fort Lauderdale Airshow

After many years without happening, the Fort Lauderdale Airshow was back this year. And what a comeback! Not one or two but three aerobatic jet teams participated: the French Breitling Team, the Canadian Snowbirds and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds!

Very few times one have the chance to see so many teams together in one Show and, if that wasn’t enough, it was the first Civilian Airshow to present the F-35 “Lightning II“, the latest 5th generation fighter jet, so the expectations and excitement were really high.

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NAS Key West

The following weekend, right after Tampa, we headed to Key West for the 2016 Southernmost Air Spectacular in NAS Boca Chica. It was the first time going to this show and the fact that the Blue Angels were there just added to the excitement.

It was hot! Really hot!


Tampa under Water

I love Airshows at Air Force Bases, they’re my favorite. The whole atmosphere at the Base, sitting on the tarmac, the military personnel around you… All that contributes to a more complete and enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, this year, at the MacDill Air Force Base Airfest in Tampa, the weather was not in our favor.

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It’s a long drive from Pembroke Pines to Titusville, but it’s a trip I gladly make every year to go to the Tico Warbird Airshow. It’s worth the drive since it is a show that never disappoints.

The “big surprise” this year was FiFi. It is the only B-29 Superfortress currently flying and to see her fly is a thing of beauty. From her sheer size to the power of her engines, it’s something really impressive.

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