Mustangs at Night

As I mentioned on my previous post, as part of the Workshop with the 3G Aviation Media guys, at the Stallion 51 facilities, we kept shooting during the sunset and well into the night.

Once the Sun is gone and the night falls, the rules of the game change. Now you have to be aware of how the lights and shadows play on the subject on a totally different way. It was really dark (and cold) on that Tarmac.

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Stallion 51

The P-51 Mustang is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful aircraft ever built. Even when sitting on the Tarmac it looks like its flying and watching it fly, while listening to the music (yes, music) from its Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, is just an awesome experience. I can’t even imagine how it would be to actually fly it (bucket list item here!).

Last Saturday, I participated on a Workshop organized by the 3G Aviation Media guys, Doug Glover and Tony Granata, at the Stallion 51 facilities, in Kissimmee, Florida.

After arriving to their building, unassuming from outside, the first “WoW” moment of the day was finding myself face to face with five beautiful Mustangs as soon as I entered. It was just the perfect start of a great day.

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I brought her home when she was just eight weeks old. When I went to the store, I already knew I wanted a Golden Retriever. They had three available at the time. As soon as I got close to the little cage where they had them, two of them jumped at me and the third one, a female, stayed behind, quiet, in a corner. I thought to myself “I’ll get that one. She seems very quiet…“. Time would make me realize that she was, indeed, a very smart dog and that she was just “pretending” to be quiet that day so I’d take her with me.

Big surprise for all the family when I showed up with her, especially for my daughter whom had been asking for a dog for a long time. She was the one who chose the name: “Lucy”.

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School assignments are too much sometimes. At least, that’s what it looks like to me. I do remember that, back when I was in High School, we learned most of the stuff during classes and that homework was more to exercise what we just had learned, but nowadays it looks like what children get in class is much less than what they actually get assigned to do as homework.

In any case, as we (my wife and I) always tell Nana, that’s her job. Even more important, she’s working for herself, her future and she has at home a whole support system in place, working to make sure she can do her job the right way.

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I love Star Wars… Yes, I know, me and millions of other people on this planet. Like most of them, I fell in love with the story from the moment I watched the first movie. I’ve always loved science-fiction but this to me was in a whole different level. The story, the special effects, the millennium falcon! Just awesome!

While I consider all the characters in the story are great, my favorite ones since the very beginning were the Stormtroopers.

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