One of my favorite rides at Disney World is “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I’ve always liked Pirates stories, since I was a child, and they are among my favorite movies. Can’t wait to watch “Dead men tell no tales” next week! This ride is a time for me to escape from the Florida heat, take a break, just relax and enjoy it.

I always put my camera on the bag and just enjoy going around the lazy river, watching the different scenes where the Pirates assault, destroy and sack cities, celebrate, chase women, get drunk and, well, are just Pirates. But this last time I decided I’d try to get some shots.

The ride is really dark, perfect ambiance created by the Disney Imagineers, so it can be challenging to get good shots. On top of that, you’re constantly moving. For the first time, I decided to crank the ISO on my camera all the way up to 10,000. I knew images will get noisier but it would give a “stable” shooter speed. After all, as the saying goes, better a noisy image than a blurry one, right?

I think the results of the experiment were not too bad, especially considering that my 7D Mark II is a “crop sensor” camera and it doesn’t precisely excel at high ISO (Of course, I performed a light “denoise” in Photoshop together with some other small adjustments). I like the shots and, even more important, I had fun! It’s important to always have fun!

In any case, this was a “one time only” kind of experiment. As I said before, when it comes to “Pirates of the Caribbean”, I always prefer to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Ahoy, me Harties!