Cuba and Puerto Rico are two wings of the same bird. The Poem, written by Lola Rodríguez de Tío, reflects how close and similar are these two Caribbean Islands. I’ve been hearing that reference since I was a child so I always felt close to this country which flag is even the same as ours, just with its colors inverted.

That’s the same reason why visiting it has always been high on my “To Do” list and when I found out that our Cruise in December last year would include a stop in Puerto Rico, I was very excited to finally be there.

It was a rainy and foggy morning when we arrived at San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the moment I saw it for the first time i thought to myself “Yep, just like my Cuba.“.

Similar to Cuba not only because of its landscape, colors, buildings, the narrow streets, the heat, the music everywhere, the smell to sazón and lechón asado in the air and that magic breeze from the Caribbean Sea that only those who live on these Islands enjoy but also, and especially, because of its People.

The way they talk, walk, laugh, their hospitality and zest for life, their capacity for being happy, enjoy life and appreciate the little and few things they have, all that make Puerto Ricans very similar to us, Cubans. It was an incredible sensation, just like being Home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend too much time there. Enough to take a tour around the Old and New San Juan while enjoying the jokes, spicy observations and sayings of our Guide, typical Puerto Rican. Our last stop was at El Morro.

Being that Spain colonized all these Islands, all its constructions are very similar and, in particular, those that were part of their Defense System. The Morro is the best example. In Cuba we also have “Morros”. The most popular ones are the one in Havana, and the one in Santiago de Cuba.

Although those in Cuba are considerably bigger than this one in San Juan, their architecture and design principles are basically the same. The view from up there was just magnificent.

One thing we couldn’t miss while being in Puerto Rico was to eat on a local Restaurant. The food was awesome, so much flavor, especially after being eating “Cruise Food” for four days. That was the perfect ending to our quick visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I haven’t scratched visiting it from my “To Do” List, just not yet. I hope I get to go back some day, with much more time to really get to know and enjoy it.

This Post is dedicated to my dear Puerto Rican Friends… Doreen, Sam, Juan, Manuel, Celimar, Wendy and others I might miss now. You are, as that little Island where you come from, special to me. ¡Que viva Puerto Rico, Nene!