I don’t go out to our backyard as much as I should. I guess it’s because it’s so hot most of the time here, in Florida, that the idea of sitting outside on that heat is not too attractive to me. But when the weather is nice, I really enjoy it there.

My Mom and Dad have done a good job at making of our backyard a cozy place, with nice plants and decorations. We even have a bird feeder and a little fountain for our little visitors to enjoy, and they sure do!

Not a day pass by without having some of them visiting. Then all I have to do is sit there, with my camera, keeping my distance, and take as many photos as I want.

They’d get curious or a little cautious every now and then but I guess they’re so used to us by now that most of the time they just ignore us.

I enjoy watching these little guys. It’s just so relaxing. I really need to start going out to our backyard more frequently.